Monday, 17 October 2016

Searching for Paradise in Koh Samui, Thailand

After a long day with the elephants, we were keen to get an early night because we had a VERY early morning to get to our next destination...Bangkok.

We arrived in the big city after a bus ride and metro, we finally arrived at our hotel - Hotel De Moc.

We were welcomed with fruit juice and shown to the poolside until our room was ready to check in.

It was blisteringly hot, and that mixed with the noises and the smells... it was not exactly paradise! We soon retreated to our room, which was just in the nick of time, as a brewing storm was about to hit.

We woke bright and early the next morning in high spirits because we knew paradise was calling...

After a taxi, a flight in a glorified sardine tin, and a very stressful coach journey, it was time to board our catamaran that would whisk us off, in search of our island retreat.

Jetting off into the blue...

Before we knew it, it was land ahoy! And we had arrived in Koh Samui.

We bartered hard with a taxi driver, who finally gave in, and agreed to drive us to our little slice of paradise. One long and very uncomfortable hour later - after a taxi ride shared with a very peculiar American man and his Thai girlfriend featuring lots of arguing... we had arrived!

Welcome to Lamai Bay View...

Sammi has seen me through an awful lot of high and lows over the last year, and I felt like she needed an extra special treat! So as a birthday surprise, I booked us in for 4 nights to unwind and experience the beachy/retreat side of Thailand.

Down a little path that weaved through a maze of beach huts, we found our own, and it could not have been more perfect.

Waking up to the singing of birds, the smell of fragrant flowers blooming all around and the gentle hum of the waves crashing against the sand...perfection! 

In all honestly, we pretty much did the same thing every day...because quite frankly the idea of being surrounded by the hustle and bustle of people, when you could be lazing on the beach or by the pool...well, there really is no competition is there?

So this is just a run down of some of the best parts!

Every day started with the ritual of suncream and bug spray...the bane of my life...but worth it to be bite and lobster skin free!

That was quickly followed by a wonderful breakfast buffet that had a little bit of everything...and coffee....alllllll the coffee...

The great thing about being on can get away with being very low maintenance. No makeup, just swimwear, shorts and a decent sun hat. I'm telling you now, it did WONDERS for my skin!

Soon it would be time to pad down to the resorts private little beach which was heavenly.

We would usually stay down on the beach, only heading back up to the restaurant when our stomachs started to rumble! 

The restaurant was quiet and overlooked the breathtaking views of the pool and sea. They also made pretty delicious fruit smoothies, which definitely became a regular occurrence for would be rude not to!?

We also tried a variety of Thai treats from the menu, and this chicken sate quickly became a lunch time favourite of mine. Being in such a hot climate, it totally changes your appetite. So it was a lot of mini meals to keep us going, which we were more than happy to accommodate!

And then dessert happened...we were in Thailand, we spoke no wasn't our fault!

After food, we would find our way down to the pool to cool off and relax for a few more was a hard days work.

The sea stretched for what seemed like miles, before it reach anywhere past your waist. This meant paddling out far enough to get a good photo was a must!

Pretty darn nice!

Soon the beach would transform from a colourful blue lagoon to a calm, spa like setting, while the sun gently faded into the water, bathing everything in golden light.

Days and nights were spent catching up and putting the world to right, after a year of separation. This obviously included cocktails, Thai food and savouring every moment of this tropical cloud nine that we had made home.

Before we knew it, our time in paradise had come to an end and our Thai adventure was almost over.

It was time to head back to our familiar pit stop in Bangkok.

This time around, we took the time to do a little more exploring and this lead us to Khao San road.

Buzzing with locals, people selling all sorts in little shops, and food venders covering every stretch of walking space.

We did a little bit of last minute shopping, however after coming from pure serenity to a crazy club/bar scene...we were quite happy to make this adventure short and sweet!

We even did a spot of impromptu babysitting...this little boy and his chicken were left with us while his mother, who spoke not a word of English, disappeared into the crowds of Khao San road.

He was the sweetest little dinner date, so we certainly didn't mind and luckily after a little searching we were able to reunite him with his not so impressed mother who was busy enjoying a coffee down the road!

We took one last Tuk Tuk back to the hotel to rest before our mammoth journey back home.

Thailand was the most incredible, life changing experience for me. I had always dreamed of travelling there, to tick it off my bucket list, however life and very low self confidence got in the way for many years.

I will always be eternally grateful for the life experiences that lead to me take this leap of faith, to finally follow my dreams and I will never forget these incredible memories made, with my friend for life.

Stay tuned for my next adventure! 

Cat Xx


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