Saturday, 1 October 2016

Temples, Thai Food and The Walking Night Market in Chiang Mai

Just when you think you have seen the most Thailand could possibly have to offer, you are quite firmly brought back to reality.

This was certainly the case when Sammi and I entered Wat Phra Singh Temple.

Glorious gold figures guard the room as you take a seat to marvel among locals and tourists alike.

After careful speculation and a heated debate...we found out this old chap is actually made of fibreglass...he was a monk for 75 years!

There was also real Monks here too, giving blessings and tying string around your wrists...I'm still not sure what that means.

Just when you think it couldn't get any more impressive... you stroll through the grounds until you reach this.

Utterly magnificent and so magical with the gentle ring of bells.

Soon it was time for lunch so we set off in search of food and something cold to cool us down from the ever increasing heat.

We finally stumbled across this little place that was the best introduction to local Thai food.

These shakes were made from fresh coconut and I can still remember the deliciously sweet, refreshing taste...sadly we never found anything else quite like it on our adventures.

Next was Thai curry - I had the Panang which was heavenly but if i'm honest, I think Sammi and I were more interested in the fact that our rice came in the shape of a teddy bear!

We headed back after lunch for a little down time before it was time to venture to one of Chiang Mai's greatest offerings...The Walking Night Market.

Just a heads up incase you see the change in outfit, we did a secondary night market a day later, but I only took a couple of snaps as it was very similar, so I put the best of the bunch together into one!

This is a market that stretches for miles and could not have more to entice you if they tried!

All the locals gather to sell their goods and it is breathtakingly beautiful. It is so colourful and the buzz makes it pretty exciting!

One minute you are looking at cushions for your bed, the next you are being offered squid on a stick...

Would you believe these are hand carved soaps?!

Some are selling, some making and others are cooking, while the rest of us try to stuff our bags full of as many treasures are our suitcases will allow.

I won't lie, being gluten free in Thailand did not come without it's challenges. There are only so many times you can try to explain this to bewildered faces and beg them not to use soy sauce!

So improvising is usually needed and in this case I was more than happy to oblige!

Sweetcorn...tossed in a hot pan with butter....AND sugar...MIND BLOWN.

We also met a lot of furry friends who helped their owners coax in potential buyers.

We tried to be brave and experience some local cuisine, so we gave this a bash...grass jelly!

It was surprisingly pleasant, with a hint of sweetness. However there were certainly some more daring options that we left to the more hardcore connoisseurs!

 The next photo was such a surprise, Sammi and I couldn't quite believe it was real! While looking at the colourful array of offerings, Sammi noticed a little pot and was convinced something inside was alive. Before we knew it, the gentleman appeared with a pipet and this little guy came to life!

However this cutie wasn't the only tropical friend on the scene.

He certainly wasn't camera shy!

Street performers came in all shapes and sizes...

There quite genuinely is something for everyone...ESPECIALLY if you like sunglasses!

Bags stuffed to the brim and tired feet, it was time to hit the hay in preparation for another day of exploring.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as we did... as always there will be more to come soon.

Cat Xx


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