Sunday, 6 November 2016

Chasing the Sun in Limoux, South of France

Our day started off slow, as the rest of the family had gone on a hike. We were keen to take a slower pace, so we started with a picnic by the river.

We packed a little picnic and clambered over some rocks up to the base of one of the bridge pillars, to set up camp.
Cuddled up, listening to the gentle hum of the water running below us, it was a little slice of heaven.
Just a little side note...I know my hair is like a birds nest here...conditioner was in seriously short supply!
After our picnic, we decided to take a gentle stroll through the town to see what Limoux had to offer.
Hand in hand, we strolled in the sunshine...happily chatting away and stopping every now and again to capture some of the towns hidden gems.
How pretty is this!?
We then ended up in the town square - La Place for a coffee in the sun.
Begrudgingly I handed the biscuit over to the Mr.
We even came across a lovely shop/studio owned by a very nice lady from Manchester. She and her partner had moved to France, and now she makes art, runs her shop and teaches local school kids Art on Wednesday afternoons, when school is finished early.
I was in my element!
What's new pussycat?
Later on that night, we decided to chase the sunset and wandered over to some beautiful allotments we had come past a couple of days before.
This quiet little town soon became drenched in the most incredible golden glow

After a lot of "are you sure you know where you are going?"'s We found what we were searching for!
Pristine, blooming allotments, filled with delicious treasures to be sold at the local markets and on the sides of the roads to passing travellers.
My mums favourite flower - The Passion flower (Passiflora), known for it's magical abilities to send you off into the most restful sleep when added into a special herbal concoction.
And of course there was the odd rogue wild flower hanging around...
*Photo credit to the boyfriend*
The next morning bright eyed and bushy tailed, wet hair and all - we bundled in the car in search of grapes...
Not only did we find grapes, we found fresh pomegranates too!
we got driven to the most beautiful vineyard so I could capture some photos of these stunning vines...
Row after row, vine after vine, covered in luscious purple grapes that will soon be made into the most delicious vino...
The vineyard had a perfect winding path through this glorious landscape for visitors to stroll along, while gazing at the vineyard's magnificent offerings.
It was also home to a patch of cacti...
Soon we found ourselves winding through more delicious allotments bursting with ripe tomatoes just asking to be eaten...
I even made some furry friends which I was desperate to take home...
Look at these faces!?

We found our way back to the car and enjoyed our last evening together over a lot of French cheese and wine, before we headed to our last French stop in Montpellier.

Limoux is treat, especially if you love the quiet life and the outdoors. We will certainly be back soon!

Cat Xx


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