Friday, 9 December 2016

Edinburgh Christmas Markets

Yesterday I finished work with a skip in my step...
Why I hear you ask? Well...let me explain.
My childhood best friend and I once spent a whole day in town wandering around the christmas markets, spending all our money on as much hot chocolate as we could possibly drink, and attempting as many rides as we could manage.

We always said it would be our yearly tradition - our best friend date to the christmas market.

Sadly we haven't done it since, purely because adult life does not always provide a free pass to such luxuries! However, this year was the one and by golly... it was a good'n!

 It started with my stride from work, enjoying the gorgeous colours of the setting sun before there was nothing but the twinkling lights of the market.
 At this time of year, Edinburgh is packed to the rafters with people desperate to make the most of this Christmassy wonderland!
 Sometimes, when days are full of work stress and daily chores, you forget to stop and marvel at how beautiful the world around you is. 

When you live in Edinburgh, there really is no excuse...I mean can it get more picturesque!?
 The smell of mulled wine lured me to follow the sounds of laughter and excitement.

 Finally I met Soph who had already started on the mulled wine and I was quick to join her!
 Nothing says Christmas quite like mulled wine from a foam cup! However, minus the foam cup is was very tasty, especially after a long day at work!
 We chatted about our day while pottering around the hustle and bustle of the crowds, admiring all the gorgeous treasures on offer.
 There is definitely something magical about a place purely lit my fairy lights and decorated to the high heavens!
 This stand is always my favourite, gorgeous handmade wreathes made of dried fruit and cinnamon sticks...Oh if only you could smell it from this photo! Next year I will have one on every door in my house! I might even attempt making my own...who knows.
 There is so much to do and see here and if you want to best view in the house...I reckon this guy is the ticket!
 Soph almost had her fortune read...however after finding out the price...She decided to enjoy life's mystery and drink some more mulled wine instead!

 This place really does have it all and with the wafts of delicious food coming from every angle, you could easily manage a 3 or 4 or 5 course meal depending on how much will power you have!
After you have finished all the food you can manage, there is a lovely spot over looking the entire wonderland, which is the perfect place to sit and enjoy a delicious hot chocolate.

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into what our Christmas markets have to offer!

Maybe stop by or put it on your festive to-do list next year.

If you would like a more in-depth tour...stop by my youtube channel The Lotus Gurl to see more!

Cat Xx

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