Sunday, 26 February 2017

My Sleep & Skin Saviours - This Works

There is nothing nicer than having fresh flowers in the house. A little splash of colour to brighten up a grey day, it just makes me feel lighter and even more excited for spring!
When these turned up on my front door step from my work, I couldn't have been happier...Any excuse to give or receive flowers is a win for me!
A simple, beautiful gesture which speaks 1000 words.
 Okay enough about the flowers...there is a reason why I am writing this blog today. *Side Note - this is not sponsored, these are all my own products and personal views*
One thing I can't possibly function without is sleep! Sleep plays a hugely important role in being able to maintain good health and well being. Good, quality sleep can help protect your mental and physical health and your over all quality of life.

Going through difficult patches in life, times of stress and worry has a major impact on my ability to sleep. So, with that in mind I have found some of my secret weapons for achieving a good nights sleep. 

The British company, This Works has quickly become one of my favourites, based on their incredible range of products. I came across them when dealing with crippling panic attacks and sleep anxiety and I was looking for natural remedies to help. A few of their products quickly became hero products for me and I have never looked back. 

Now I have overcome my anxiety, I still use them to help me unwind, switch my mind off and to help me drift into a peaceful sleep.

There is also a product in this mix that isn't for sleep but because I love it, I have included it too!

 This was the first product I came across from This Works - this trusty little oil roller came even came to Thailand with me and saved me on my journey to the otherside of the world, by myself with over 24 hours of travelling!
 It's a natural blend of essential oils which includes Eucalyptus to cleanse, invigorate and helps with mental and physical fatigue. It also has Frankincense which is an antiseptic to fight off infection, and helps with total mind and body relaxation. Finally, the star of the show is Lavender oil, which helps reduce high blood pressure, the feeling of anxiety and insomnia.

Deep Sleep Stress Less has however had a cheeky makeover since I last purchased it! It's wonderful blend of essential oils is even more powerful and now goes by the name of Stress Check Breathe In.
You simply use the roller to apply the oil to your pressure points and allow yourself to breathe in the beautiful aroma's. You can use this any time of day, in moments of stress and anxiety which will help promote calm - and you can use it before bed which will gently help you relax and drift off to sleep.

 The next product is probably one of This Works most popular - and for good reason!
 This can be used as a room spray or a pillow spray for bed time rituals. It has a mix of wild Chamomile which is used to soothe and relax. It is known for it's calming effects which helps ease symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression. Vetivert is used for it's aromatic effect on the mind. It is calming and balancing, and helps to work like a sedative on the nervous system. It also includes Patchouli oil which is known to aid depression, it uplifts your mood works to help promote happy hormones - like Serotonin and Dopamine. Finally, Lavender oil which as previously mentioned helps reduce your blood pressure, the feeling of anxiety and insomnia.

This last product isn't strictly sleep related but it does however play a vital part in my bedtime routine. It is used as a treatment to help reduce and refine any skin imperfections which is just what I need! 

After years of skin issues and acne, I will try anything to keep my skin in good condition. When I read the reviews of the No Wrinkles Wonder Essence, I was too tempted to resist!
I apply this when I do my full skin care routine at night, after cleansing my face in the shower. I apply this super-blend to my skin by gently patting it into my skin like a serum until it's totally soaked in.

It targets and prevents lines and wrinkles, skin pigmentation and large pores. It sweeps away dead skin cells, with protective antioxidants and Hyaluronic acid which hydrates and improves the natural balance of the skin.

So far my skin looks and feels brighter and fresher and if it preventing wrinkles...I'll have it all!!!
I really hope you enjoyed this - i'll be back with more soon! 

Cat Xx

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Post Work-Out Breakfast

In September I started working out with a personal trainer. I finally admitted to myself that I was desperately unfit and that I really needed to make a change...PRONTO! I have always shy'd away from exercise because it is easier to not bother than struggle and have to accept the fact that in terms of fitness, I was very unhealthy.
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