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Stockholm Adventures

Hello everyone!

I know it has been a long while since I last came to you with one of my adventures...

Don't fret...I am back, and I think you will enjoy this one...get a brew...this might take some time!

In in April I was lucky enough to be sent over to Sweden for work for two weeks, and to say I was excited is certainly an understatement! However, I couple of days before we were set to leave Edinburgh...Sweden sadly encountered a terrorist attack which left everyone a little worried.

I would be lying if I said we weren't anxious about the trip, but we were assured everything was okay and that security would be at it's best, so we made our way there, excited to see what the two weeks would have in store!

As I was working for most of the trip, there are gaps in our exploring...but none the less I think I have captured a good amount to tempt you into booking it as your next adventure!

 From the minute we arrived in this amazing city, I was blown away by the breathtaking architecture. It was hard to put my camera down as I wanted to capture each and every view...

 After settling into our hotel, we made our way into the city in search of food, and to have a snoop around our home for the next two weeks.

 I know people usually travel all the way to Japan in search of the cherry blossom, however this square had some of the most beautiful blooms I have ever seen! I genuinely had to wait in line for my chance to catch a few snaps of this spring time wonder...
If anyone knows me, you will know these few will have been chosen from a few thousand snaps, so I hope you like my collection! 

This is the last one...I promise!
As I mentioned before, just as we were due to fly over to Stockholm, the city experienced a terrorist attack that really shook Sweden to it's core. When we arrived, it was clear that the people of Stockholm were not going to be defeated by this act of hatred. The masses flocked to the street where the attack occurred and decorated the streets with flowers, gifts and messages of love and support. 
 It was hard not to have a heavy heart seeing people crying and mourning the loss of the lives taken, but comfort was found in the form of courage and love.

 I genuinely felt privileged to be in the city at this time...the sense of community and strength, really highlighted how important it is to stand strong in times of sorrow, and stand together in unity to overcome these atrocities.
 'Love is the Opposite of Fear'
We were actually very lucky to be in Stockholm when we were, because it was the easter holidays. This meant that we had some time off to really explore, while everyone else went home to celebrate the holiday with loved ones and to gorge on the offerings from the Easter bunny.
One of our Easter highlights - Koh Phangan...
This place had the best atmosphere and the BEST Thai food I have eaten since being in Thailand last year. You are transported to a party island of paradise where there is an actual rain and thunder storm during your dinner...I mean what more could you ask for!?
 Baring in mind, we had been shopping for the best part of the day in the snow...this trip to paradise was more than welcome!
 A coconut shake and a Panang curry...I was in HEAVEN!
Full from our Thai feast, we happily made our way home by the metro, which is the easiest way to travel around Stockholm!
On Easter Sunday, we had a bit of a 'family day out' and headed off to the Vasa Museum. It was the coldest day we had experienced in Stockholm so far, and by cold I mean bloody freezing! However, on occasion there was fleeting sunshine, which made our stroll to the museum a little more bearable. 
 Plus with these views, it wasn't hard to resist the cold!

The Vasa ship capsized and sank in Stockholm in 1628. Believe it or not, a staggering 333 years later, the 17th century warship was salvaged from the sea bed and preserved for the world to see in this incredible museum.

 I have to say, I wasn't overly enthusiastic about this, purely because I didn't know what to expect- however I was blown away by this incredible masterpiece, and spent the whole time trying to pick my jaw up off the floor.

 Families, friends, couples and curious wanderers enjoy everything on display - from the Vasa itself, to all the beautiful sculptures and paintings that are used to illustrate the history of this mighty ship. There is also a cafe with a delicious variety of food, especially if you enjoy a Swedish meatball or two!
 We also took a day trip to Gamla Stan - the Old Town of Stockholm for an afternoon of exploring. I must say, if like myself you do like a spot of shopping...Stockholm is the place to be!
Gamla Stan is the perfect place for perusing pretty shops, picking up a gift or two to take home, and of course stopping over for some well deserved FIKA!
 The shop windows were some of the prettiest I have ever seen!

  You really are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a pretty cafe to enjoy, all you need to do is wander through the cobbled streets to find a little gem, nestled in between lots of beautiful coloured shops and houses.
 This was possibly my favourite stop of the trip - seeing these gorgeous, tall, colourful buildings with cute little cafes beneath them.
 These are actually known as the most photographed buildings in Stockholm...and it's hard to see how they couldn't be! 
 Freezing cold, we shuffled into the bottom of the tall yellow building in search of hot chocolate. I had the white chocolate and it was delicious! Just small enough not to be too sickly sweet and perfect for warming up chilly paws!

I really did have the best time in Stockholm and I would certainly love to go back to visit! If you haven't been...don't just visit IKEA! Book a flight, I promise you won't regret it!

I hope you enjoyed this and I will be back with another adventure very soon!

Cat Xx

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  1. I'm so glad you're back! Please keep this pace.
    Now you've triggered my wanderlust to go crazy. The buildings are just...ugh ;~; let's not talk about the rainbow escalator that instantly caught my eye.I could endlessly talk about these pictures lool

    P.S you're gorgeous by the way!


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